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ARG-EP1524  1.5\" (35mm) Argentium Sterling Silver Eyepins - 24ga

ARG-EP1524 1.5" (35mm) Argentium Sterling Silver Eyepins - 24ga

1.5" (35mm) Argentium eye pins. Extra-thin 0.020" (24 gauge/0.51mm).

This unprecedented, patented material is redefining the jewellery industry. Argentium sterling silver has dramatically better tarnish resistance than standard sterling silver and is much more durable. While it still contains the 92.5% fine silver legally required for sterling, Argentium replaces about 1% of the normal copper content in sterling with germanium, significantly altering the alloy's properties.

Benefits of Argentium® Sterling Silver:

    * Tarnish resistant: A light dusting or occasional wipe with a soft cloth is all you need to keep its shine. The resistance actually increases over time (the germanium atoms migrate to the surface, which allows the protective germanium oxide layer to regenerate).
    * Resistant to dents, scratches and abrasion.
    * Better for the environment because it doesn't develop firescale (a reddish patina) when heated, which eliminates processes that use hazardous materials needed to strip firescale from standard sterling materials.
    * Laser weldable, opening new design possibilities.
    * Can be hardened (through thermal conditioning) to be almost twice as tough as standard sterling.

Made in USA

1-9 - 75c each
Pack of 10 - $6.95 (70c each)
Pack of 50 - - $32.50 (65c each)

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