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LATEST NEWS! - Happy New Year to all our lovely customers!  We are open again after a 3 week Christmas closure and back to work!

ORDER PROCESSING TIME - We have a huge backlog of orders to process from Xmas & also the Australia Day long weekend, so ask our customers to please be patient as we work as hard to catch up.  We estimate the delay is approx 3-4 business days on shipping of new orders from when they are placed, and it will take several weeks to be back to our usual 2-3 day processing time frame.  Please select carefully when ordering as alterations and additions are just not possible once orders are placed.

b. Choice of Polymer Clay Brands

Fimo Soft is a slightly softer version of the old Fimo Classic and is relatively quick to condition, and can also be used for all purposes including millefiori, beads, sculpting, and other craft items.  Comes in a wide range of colours with a range of Fluorescent, Transparent & Metallic Colours.  It is a firmer clay than Premo & Sculpey III but not as firm as Kato.

Premo Polymer Clay is an American brand of clay which also is great for mixing colours, for millefiori, sculpting, and is extra strong and durable.  Very easy to condition.  Great for brooch backs where strength is required. Comes in a great range of artists colours and metallic shades which produce amazing 'mica effects'.  Please note however that the metallic colours do not cane like regular colours because of this mica shift property.

Sculpey III is the softest brand of Polymer Clay and can be used almost out of the packet and comes in a great range of colours which can be mixed with other brands.  Sculpey III is great for kids & people with arthritis or hand problems.  When baked Sculpey has a more matte finish but can be polished to a high shine if required.  Can be used for Millefiori, but not so good if extra crisp design lines are required.  More brittle than the other brands so not a good choice for delicate work - consider using Premo or Fimo Soft instead.

Kato Polyclay: An artists quality polymer clay from the USA developed by clay artist Donna Kato.  This clay is excellent to work with - it is harder to condition than Premo or Fimo Soft, but remains firm & non-sticky after working which is a big advantage in warmer climates, and when baked is strong and flexible.  The colour palette in this clay has been developed to allow instinctive mixing of colours.  Mica clays in the Kato brand also contain a larger amount of mica than other brands and can be mixed with other opaque colours to still retain the mica effects.  Excellent for beads, all types of techniques, caning and fine detail work - a good substitute for the old Fimo Classic.

Souffle:  Souffle is the newest clay on the market & is an innovative lightweight clay perfect for jewellery making!  Its strength and ability to hold detail makes it an excellent clay for advanced techniques such as mokume gane, bargello and caning.   It is strong and self supporting and doesn’t crack in large pieces which makes it great for larger clay projects as well.  Beautiful suede finish when baked.  Comes in 22 fashion forward colours

Special Clays

Mica Effect Clays: (A short explanation) The shiny property of metallic clays are flat pieces of mica.  When you roll the clay through the pasta machine a few times the mica particles all line up the same direction so that the flat surface will be very shiny.  However if you cut the sheet you will notice that the cross-section will be a much duller dark colour of gold (not shiny).  This property can be used for great effects - canes can be made using the dark and shiny properties to make patterns which can be then sliced into beads or used as veneers etc.  For more information on Mica Shift check out Mike Buessler's work and other information available on-line and in books.  Fimo Soft, Premo, Sculpey & Kato all have metallic clays which have mica effects.  These do not include the glitter clays which are sparkly but don't have the special 3-D & meallic look effects of Mica clays.

Pluffy: A clay designed for children that is non-toxic, lightweight and able to be used over and over but can be baked to create a permanent object.

Sculpey Ultralight: A lightweight polymer clay in white which can be used for making models, for lightweight beads where they are covered with regular polymer clay, for making baby finger or footprints, or pawprints.

Liquid Polymer Clays: Both Kato (Kato Liquid Polyclay)  & Sculpey (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) make Liquid Polymer Clay which has a huge variety of uses:  Image Transfer, Adhesive (great for adhering baked clay to baked or unbaked clay - then baked again), Coloured as a filler for polymer mosaics or for 3-D effects, a surface covering to protect transfers or fragile images - can be polished to a high shine after baking also.  The different brands vary in their translucency - Kato is the most translucent after baking, followed by Fimo and then Liquid Sculpey which is the least translucent.

Modelling Clays:
We stock a range of clays suitable for sculpting - you can use all polymer clays for sculpting however for making dolls or figures you may like to consider the following:

  1. Super Sculpey - Flesh coloured and very popular for doll & fairy making.
  2. Living Doll - Comes in 4 different flesh colours - Baby (very light skin tone), Light (light skin tone), Beige (standard skin colour) and Brown for dark skinned dolls.  You can modify the shade of these clays by mixing them or adding some white premo or sculpey III to lighten.
  3. Sculpey Ex-Firm - Grey firmer modelling clay holds it's shape well when making intricate models.
  4. Cernit - A popular clay for dollmaking - comes in 3 colours.
  5. Sculpey Original - A white economical modelling clay - quite stiff to work with.

Air Dry Clays:
We stock a range of air dry clays - these are not polymer clay and can be made from various polymer and paper based products.  They don't require baking and usually dry overnight.  Good for use with children, elderly, activity groups, basic modelling and school projects but perhaps not great for professional results with jewellery making or doll making.

Brands include:

  1. Darwi (White heavy air-dry clay)
  2. Fimo Air - Basic (heavier weight)
  3. Fimo Air Light  - (lightweight) - these come in a range of colours.
  4. Makins Clay - Larger range of colours than other brands and great to work with.

Important note: When ordering clay to be sent to you in the warmer months of the year please be aware that it is heat sensitive and can overheat and fuse if subjected to higher temperature en route.  To minimize the risk of your clay being ruined make sure you choose a fast postage method such as Express Post so that it doesn't travel long distances by ground transport where it can overheat.

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