Spotlight on Polymer Clay Brands

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Here is a quick rundown on some of the most popular brands of polymer clay.
We are looking at Fimo Soft, Premo, Kato & Sculpey III today!  Next time we will look at modelling clays.

Fimo Soft is a softer version of the old Fimo Classic and is quick to condition, and can also be used for all purposes including millefiori, beads, sculpting, and other craft items.  Comes in a wide range of colours with a range of Fluorescent, Transparent & Metallic Colours.

Fimo Soft Cherry Red

Cherry Red Fimo Soft

Premo Metallics Mix Pack

Premo Metallics Mix Pack

Premo Polymer Clay is an American brand of clay which also is great for mixing colours, for millefiori, sculpting, and is extra strong and durable.  Very easy to condition.  Great for brooch backs where strength is required. Comes in a great range of artists colours and metallic shades which produce amazing ‘mica effects’.  Please note however that the metallic colours do not cane like regular colours because of this mica shift property.

Sculpey III is the softest brand of Polymer Clay and can be used almost out of the packet and comes in a great range of colours which can be mixed with other brands.  When baked Sculpey has a more matte finish but can be polished to a high shine if required.  Can be used for Millefiori, but not so good if extra crisp design lines are required.  More brittle than the other brands so not a good choice for delicate work – consider using Premo or Fimo Soft instead.

Kato Polyclay: An artists quality polymer clay from the USA developed by clay artist Donna Kato.  This clay is excellent to work with – it is harder to condition than Premo or Fimo Soft, but remains firm & non-sticky after working which is a big advantage in warmer climates, and when baked is strong and flexible.  The colour palette in this clay has been developed to allow instinctive mixing of colours.  Mica clays in the Kato brand also contain a larger amount of mica than other brands and can be mixed with other opaque colours to still retain the mica effects.  Excellent for beads, all types of techniques, caning and fine detail work – a good substitute for the old Fimo Classic.2009 Grafix Price List

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